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The Variety Package

The Variety Package

The variety package is for everyone and provides a mix of incredible encounters. Dive deep into the ocean, visit Tatooine and help repair the millennium falcon then take your lightsaber skills to a dojo and swing a katana. As you find your feet, pick up a longbow to defend your castle from invaders, before entering a world ruled by Artificially Intelligent robots.

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About V-arcade

a project with Escape Room Melbourne

vArcade is a virtual reality arcade in Fitzroy and South Melbourne developed in collaboration with Escape Room Melbourne (ERM). The space uses Room Scale VR technology, which lets you walk around and interact with virtual worlds. 

Bookings of 2 – 4 people can be made for a 45 minute session. You can communicate with your team in VR as you go through each experience and staff will guide you as needed.

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